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Sources of Candidate Information
(Federal and Illinois)

VOTE on March 18th -- get more information


Step 1 -- Find your districts:

Find Registration, Polling Place and Legislative Districts for 2014 Primary Election

Find your Districts & Legislators   (enter your 9-digit zip code)

Step 2 -- Review candidate information:

Illinois Citizens for Life Candidate Information (PDF)    NorthernIL    More Options
(information on candidates that appear on ballots in Illinois, including some judges)

Illinois Family Institute Voter's Guide (PDF)     By Congressional District
(nonpartisan candidate survey results for 2014 Primary Election)

Illinois Family Action: Various Endorsement Lists  (not yet updated for 2014)

Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC  (not yet updated for 2014)
(candidate recommendations)

Our American Values      Illinois Candidates      Voting Scorecard
(provides information on issues and candidate positions on those issues)

Presidential Voter's Guide    (and comparison of major party platforms for 2012)

FRC Action    2012 Presidential Voter Guide    FRC Action Vote Scorecard

Americans United for Life Congressional Scorecard
(displays U.S. House and Senate member voting records on life issues)
(provides information about judicial candidates in Illinois)

Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluations  (not yet updated for 2014)
(provides information about judicial candidates in Cook County)

Suburban Cook County Elections       Other Illinois Counties
(allows Cook County residents to display their actual election ballot)
(On this site, simply enter your nine-digit zip code on the left, click "GO", then click the name of any candidate for more information)
(provides information about candidate positions on many issues, but offers more information on incumbants than challengers)

Christian Voter Guide
(provide links to sources of voter information by state -- like the above list) 

"Vote Pro-Life" Yard Signs?     Try Heritage House

Step 3 -- Vote!

Are you registered to vote?     Register to Vote

Deadline to register to vote in March's primary election is Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To register yourself, simply download the form at the State Board of Elections website, fill it out and send it in.   If you are unsure of your election authority, please contact Illinois Family Institute at 708-781-9328 during normal business hours, or email anytime and they will be glad to help!  NOTE: If you will turn 18 by the November 4th election, you can now register and vote in the March 18th Primary.

Vote on March 18th    (Early Voting takes place from Mar 3 to Mar 15. View locations & hours.)

Step 4 -- Check Results

Illinois:  Uncertified Results   Certified Results (month delay)   Cook County results (and more)

National:   Comprehensive results   Summarized results