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Letter to Rep. Jack Franks
on Blocked Testimony


March 5th, 2004

Representative Jack D. Franks
249-S Stratton Office Bldg
Springfield, Illinois 62706

Dear Representative Franks,

The word disappointed is woefully lacking to describe the emotions many good people throughout the state felt after your committee meeting Tuesday March 2nd. For two years running you have treated many good intentioned citizens, who though their beliefs differ from yours as Chairman of the State Government Committee, with about as much respect as "elephant snot." Not even providing the courtesy of allowing a hearing on the merits of the Choose Life ADOPTION AID specialty license plate effort. For your edification, the words are enclosed. What was to fear about these?

You would have learned that the support of this effort to benefit ADOPTION  has now passed the 26,000 signature figure on its way to 30,000. This doesn't even deserve ten minutes? Now 534 seperate cities from 91 different counties. From Cairo to Chicago and most places in between. We have asked only for a simple yes or no floor vote for this effort. You continue to place any discussion of this positive effort in your own "never-never world" of a sub committee. Shame on you Representative Franks, for clearly ignoring the supreme law of the land, under the first amendment that allows for an equal right of free speech, within the specialty license plate program for Illinois.

As you must know, the bill is all about ADOPTION AID, free speech, and yet another choice to people in a difficult pregnancy. Funds the state could well use in providing financial assistance to mothers at a time of need for children yet to be born, as well as children waiting for adoption such as foster and special needs children.

The words dignity, respect, and equality under the law, come to mind to describe your harsh and closed mind towards so many. These words that would have been spoken at this time were certainly not in the minds of so many supporters of ADOPTION, "the dog and pony show" that you used to describe why nothing would even be discussed after four hours of waiting. Hopefully many good spirited members of the State Government Committee will now take the time to hear what was denied us on Wednesday after the four hour wait. They are enclosed.

                                           Respectively yours,
                                           James Patrick Finnegan President
                                           Illinois Choose Life Adoption specialty plates
                                           460 East Lake Shore Drive
                                           Barrington, Ill 60010
                                           847-526-1152    Temporarily 239-597-5951

cc  Rep Michael J. Madigan
      Rep Thomas Cross
      Rep Daniel Brady
      Rep Rich Brauer
      Rep LInda Chappa LaVia
      Rep Naomi Jakobsson
      Rep Patricia Lindner
      Rep Rich Myers
      Rep Chapin Rose
      Rep MIke Smith
      Rep Patrick Verschoore
      Rep Eddie Washington

testimony planned for the committee hearing



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