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Effective Use of Petition Sheets

Provided below are some suggestions for effective use of the petition sheets to collect signatures in support of the initiative to establish Choose Life specialty license plates in Illinois.  Also provided below is a sample statement to introduce a petition drive at church.


Organizing a Petition Drive for Choose Life Plates

Download the following materials to get suggestions and materials for organizing a petition drive for Choose Life license plates at your church or social organization:

Print the Choose Life Petition Drive Suggestions (Word document)

Print the Choose Life Presentation (Word document)

Print the One-Page Promotional Letter (Word document)

Print the Two-Page August 2010 Update Letter (Word document)

Print the Choose Life Petition Sheet (PDF format)

Print Choose Life license plate holder order form



1)      Please immediately make additional copies of the sheet.  Have sufficient copies available both to collect signatures and to offer sheets to those who sign.

2)      When people sign your sheet, offer them a blank sheet and ask them to get signatures of their relatives and friends to fill up that sheet.

3)      Ask them to also consider offering blank sheets to those who sign their sheet, to keep this going.

4)      Please remember not only to ask for the signature supporting the plate being offered in Illinois, but also whether they would purchase the plate.  There is a column on the sheet for this to be noted.

5)       Show them the beautiful Choose Life license plate holder.   Ask if they would give a donation of $20 to help support the Choose Life license plate initiative.  If so, give them a plate holder order form.  All donations are tax deductible.  Signatures are being collected at church services, from groups such as the Knights of Columbus, Holy Name Society, etc.  If you wish to pre-purchase license plate holders to offer at the time of getting signatures, call so arrangements can be made to get the holders to you.

6)      Please pray for the success of this beautiful effort. Talk about it to as many as possible.  It is solely an adoption program that will help those many parents trying to adopt to have their dream realized.  The mother then gets to make a real choice, without the pressure of financial constraints, because of the assistance being provided through adoptions agencies and pregnancy help centers using funds raised by license plate sales.  Financial problems are given as one of the very top concerns for the mother choosing abortion.


Print the Choose Life Petition Sheet (PDF format)

Print Choose Life license plate holder order form



Presentation at Church Services

Good Morning! (Introduce yourself: name and ministry you coordinate or belong to)

This weekend we are asking you to sign a petition as you leave church. The petition is to establish "Choose Life" specialty license plates in Illinois. After approval by the state legislature, these plates would become available in Illinois. All proceeds from the sales will go to adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, and homes for unwed mothers that are not-for-profit and do not refer mothers to abortion clinics.

In the United States today between 1,000,000 and 1-1/2 million parents are waiting to adopt newborns. Slightly more than 50,000 babies are available for adoption. EVERY day over 3,300 babies in the United States die from abortion. Each year, over 400,000 TEENAGERS choose abortion.  Many of these mothers indicate that the economic burden of pregnancy and parenthood led them to this desperate choice to abort their babies.

"Choose Life" license plates could help provide mothers in crisis pregnancies with a REAL CHOICE. Pregnancy and delivery related expenses would be paid by the proceeds from these plates, and the mother agrees to place her baby for adoption. It is a win-win situation: the mother chooses life for her baby, her baby lives, and the adoptive parents have a child.

This plate is already approved in 26 states, available in 24 of them, and has ongoing efforts initiated to obtain them in many more states, including Illinois.  Since Florida approved Choose Life plates, over $13.4 million has been raised nationwide to support adoption.

So please sign our petition. It costs you nothing. Take a petition and get more signatures from family, friends, and co-workers to promote this worthy cause. The return address is printed right on the form. Literature is also available for you to take. Then buy a plate when they become available.

[optional] Finally, we are selling "Choose Life" license plate holders today to help with startup and plate design costs.

But PLEASE, sign our petition, so ALL mothers can CHOOSE LIFE. Thank you.